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Influence Platforms 2013

Here is a fantastic list of Five Influence platforms to use and develop in 2013…

Influence Platforms to use in 2013

Latest AWAI Resource for Copywriters

I completed the well known Copywriting course from AWAI (American Writers and Artists Inc), a few years agoi. I am please to read that the prestigious American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI), has launched an online resource that offers a detailed breakdown of a little-known but very lucrative industry: Copywriting.

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Copywriting is a very interesting field of work. Copywriting and advertising are two faces of the same coin. Difficult economic times in 1989 drove Boulder resident Debra Jason to venture solo and launch her own professional copywriting and direct marketing business. Read more…

An Interview with Debra Jason Copywriter


Words are the most essential tools for the copywriter. However, a picture can say a thousand words…

The Art of Photography

There are millions of people who are interested in the art of photography.

The essential elements to keep in mind in the frame of photography are the following:

1. Take up a course in photography

2. Purchase a reasonably good Camera and all the tools of the trade.

3. Take up all types of photos from sceneries, art, architecture to nature and live models.

4. Decide on the field of photography you would like to specialize in, such as a Wedding Photographer or a Nature photographer.

5. Practise, Practise, Practise and perfect your hobby.


Advertising, Writing and Copywriting

Advertising a product or service can be quite challenging for anyone.

The points to keep in mind when writing copy for any product or service would be the following:

1. The unique features of the product, the shape, colour or size.

2. The utility features of the product. This is the use of the product or service.

3. The demand for the product or service by the consumer.

4. The cost for manufacturing and production of the product or service.

5. The selling price and the distribution of the product in the marketplacce.

6. The Advertising campaign in order to ensure the success of the product or service.

7. Creating Brands and Customer loyalty for the product or service by selling more related products.


Great Writing Products

All writers needs some form of inspiration. Sometimes we need new ideas to help us breathe fresh life into our writings.

The products listed below are guaranteed to give you as a writer and thinker a new and fresh perspective which will be reflected in your writings in future. Keep thinking up new and extraordinary ideas to write more interesting and absorbing articles, copywriting pieces, stories and novels or any other creative form of writing. Cheers!

Eight Words to Use Carefully from the Princess Bride

Eight words that may not mean what you think they mean.These eight words were used in the hollywood movie “The Princess Bride”. The author of this article has listed the use and the misuse of these words. Words are indeed powerful tools in  communication and we have to always be aware of the way we use these words in writing or speaking. A copywriter is especially trained in the use of word, putting the right words in the right places in a sentence a slogan or a statement or for a Brand. Read more and get surprised…